Join the Global Education Network’s webinar on Thursday – the latest research in learning Science and why it matters to Maths teachers

This is an email from the Global Education network regarding their upcoming webinar

“Join us on Thursday, December 3, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm US-EST, (UTC-5) for a look at the latest research in learning science and why it matters to math teachers. For South African teachers this would be 2am – 3am!

  • How can we take the research about teaching and learning and translate it into practice?
  • What are: “framing,” the “growth mindset,” the “testing effect,” the “retrieval effect,” “spaced repetition,” “chunking for memory,” “deliberate practice,” and “affirmative testing?”
  • Why should these and other learning behaviors be familiar to math teachers?

Join Mathtoons CEO, Kristin Garn, and Mathematics Professor, Dr. Raymond Spiteri, as they outline their research looking at building math skills and greatly improving learning outcomes in the math classroom, discuss the best use of technology in the BYOD (bring your own device) math classroom, and demonstrate the use of Mathtoons Media tools.

There is no cost for this Webinar.  Sign up at
to attend live or to receive links to watch the Webinar recording later.

Special Note: you’re also encouraged to take part in the live learning analytics portion of the presentation by downloading their Practi mobile app before the webinar:

a) Apple at:

b) Android at

Create a free Practi account and enter the webinar course code WDS5W to play along.

Mathtoons Media creates apps and software that leverage mobile devices and help students practice the foundational skills necessary for academic success. Funded by the Canadian National Research Council, and in partnerships with UBC, University of Saskatchewan and Athabasca University, Mathtoons has developed straightforward tools that help teachers easily create, trackm and optimize mobile content for student practice.


Kristin Garn founded Mathtoons Media, Inc. in 2011. Prior to this, she had over 20 years experience teaching high school mathematics and university calculus. She has assembled a highly talented development team to create technology that expands the field of learning science research.

Dr. Raymond Spiteri
is a professor in the computer science department at University of Saskatchewan in Canada, a numerical analyst, and the President of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society.

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