Join the Global Postcard Exchange project digitally using Google Drawing

In the previous blogpost we introduced Google Drawing and showed how to use it to create a postcard. In this post we encourage you to join the Global Postcard Exchange project digitally using Google Drawing. This project is facilitated by Melissa Schur and they are currently looking for teachers around the world to sign up   

A look around the Global Postcard Exchange site answers any questions one might have: 

Who is welcome?

Any classroom in the world that would like to communicate with other schools and learn more about the world in the process. This is open to any grade level. It would be nice to get schools in a variety of states and locations too.

How can you join?

Visit the Postcard Exchange form on the site  and add your information.

What do you have to do?

Create a postcard for each school in the spreadsheet that will be sent to you that gives facts about your location. You might share information about your school or city. You might tell about the geography of the land where you live. List some of the famous landmarks near you. Tell us your school or class website or blog page.

What can we do before we send the postcards?

  • Have students draw the images that you use on the postcards. They could do this by hand or on the computer.
  • Have students brainstorm information to include on the postcard. They may need to do some research to find information.
  • Practice writing friendly letters, and write a friendly letter on the back of the postcard using the information you brainstormed.
  • Practice writing addresses, and write the addresses of the schools on the back of the postcards.

What can we do with the postcards we receive?

  • You could create a Google map, give students a world map of their own, or use a bulletin board to pin the locations of the postcards you receive.
  • You could take a virtual field trip to the school/class websites.
  • You could visit the school/class/student blogs, read their posts, and leave them some comments.
  • You could compare information on the postcards in a Venn diagram.
  • You could create a graph with information from the postcards.

These are just a few ideas. If you have a great idea, please share it with us in the comment section at the bottom of the page!

Let’s add directions here on how to make a postcard using Google Drawing which could be one way of joining the project.

‘Use Google Draw to create a postcard’ by Fiona Beal from Schoolnet SA

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