Learning Gains through Play project – Gamification and Having Serious Fun

Submitted by Janet Thomson

The Learning Gains Through Play project’s ultimate outcome is that “learners are
equipped with foundational skills and attitudes for future academic success”.
The targeted skills are visual literacy skills including emotional literacy,
English oral communication skills, numeracy skills, gross-motor skills and
fine-motor skills. The attitudes of motivation to learn, enjoyment of learning
and confidence in learning are also sought but the focus throughout is on the
use of play. The purpose of sharing this learning brief is to outline the
difference between the gamification design elements of the project as opposed to
the focus of the project on learning through play and to explain how the two
concepts have complemented each other in this Learning Gains through Play
project which has equipped ten primary schools with the Xbox Kinect and 20
android tablets. This brief is intended to provide some insight into a renewed
enthusiasm displayed by teachers as well as the way in which some teachers are
starting to adapt their teaching strategies. 

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