Lesson ideas #2: Use PowerPoint to make an animation for learning about weather Grade 3

This is a lovely lesson idea that I heard at a TeachMeet. It was presented by Megan Skelly from Hudson Primary School in East London. I tried it out with a Grade 3 class and the students absolutely loved it.  This is an example of one of the slides that a student created.


The aim of the lesson

The aim of the lesson is for the students to recall their knowledge learning about the four seasons. They would create a PowerPoint with animations showing the characteristics of the seasons.


Following Megan’s suggestions I prepared a template for the students. Three of the slides included clipart that they could use. There was one slide for each of the four seasons. The clipart came from the royalty free site  http://www.clker.com. The template can be downloaded here.



  1. After a discussion on weather the students related what they know about each season.
  2. They opened the PowerPoint templates and saved them. They created four more slides. They used Word Art to name these slides Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. 
  3. They created their slides from the provided clipart but were encouraged to search for their own clipart as well.
  4. We learned about animations in PowerPoint and they applied their knowledge.
  5. The students then used their microphones on each side and narrated what they knew about each season.

The result

The students enjoyed making these slides. The complete lesson took 1.5 hours.


Unfortunately you are not able to listen to the sound or see may of the transitions on this web example shown using Google Drive but it gives a good idea of how the lesson progressed.


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