Lesson ideas #3: Use PowerPoint to make a 3D museum to present a task (Gr 5-7)

This idea comes from a lovely shared resource from the Simple K12 Learning Community which I have elaborated on.

The aim of the lesson
The aim of the lesson is for the students to recall their knowledge on a Unit they might have learned about in class or a project task they have been given. They would create a PowerPoint 3D museum with different rooms, with animations,  showing what they have learned and they would present this to the rest of the class.



  1. Following the suggestions given on Simple K12 for making a 3D museum, I  went through the instructions to fully grasp what it entailed.  You can find this instructions below each slide here:
  2. The Grade 6s were learning about medicine. I added the following task:



  1. After a discussion on great discoveries in medicine, the students choose their person to research individually but are placed with a buddy for discussion purposes and brainstorming how to complete some of the requirements of the task.  
  2. They create the 3D museum so that they have four slides on which to present their information plus a bibliography slide at the end.
  3. They work on their research and presentations with the teacher facilitating. .
  4. When their presentation is complete let the students report back on their findings.

The result
The students enjoyed making these presentations. The complete lesson took 4 hours.


These are three sides from a presentation from one of the students 
hosted in Google Drive. The transitions and hyperlinks don’t work in this format, but one can see the general idea. 

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