Microsoft Maths – get your Grade 10-12 students set up on their smartphones for 2015…it’s all free!

As you may recall, last year in November Nokia Maths changed its name to Microsoft maths after being bought out by Microsoft. This superb site can be accessed at Best of all it is all free!


What is Microsoft Maths?

This is a site for Grade 10-12 Maths students to use after hours either in groups or individually to revise and improve their Maths content and get help with any queries…using their smartphones or tablet. The application can also be accessed from a desktop or laptop.

Microsoft Math: Making Learning Personal, Engaging, and Exciting

Microsoft Math is transforming high schoolers’ lives by the way they learn in South Africa.Microsoft Math is a great tool for enriching the learning and teaching experiences even outside of classrooms and after school hours. Students can do thousands of math exercises, read theory, learn from examples, and take tests. Teachers can set assignments and homework for their class directly from the service, with the ability to better track students’ skill levels, and to motivate them further.

What will we find there?


You’ll find over 9000+ quizzes. Exercises are divided into levels of difficulty. When you master a set of quizzes you will move up on a level. There is 10 levels in each sub-topic. There is plenty of theory to help one along and examples to work through.

What are the advantages of the Microsoft Math programme?

One of the great advantages of this program is that learners can set up their own study groups with friends and see how they are doing or compete with each other!

How do I sign up and how do students register?

If you are a Grade 10-12 Maths teacher and your students haven’t yet signed up – encourage them to do so this week! Head over to and let them register

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