Microsoft webinar (for SA teachers) on assessing collaboration and 21st century skills

Microsoft has embarked on an ‘Innovative Teaching and Learning’ (ITL) research programme. They will be hosting workshops and webinars on LEAP21. The first webinar on 18 July from 6pm – 6:30pm will focus on the first of the five dimensions 21st century learning (collaboration).This discussion Forum will allow all participants of LEAP21 training to connect and discuss the topic.

View the discussion forum on the Partners in Learning Network for details on joining the webinar. Note that if you haven’t listened to a webinar before using Lync you will need to download Lync attendee. In the discussion forum referred to above you will find a PDF with detailed instructions on how to join a Lync webinar

More about this upcoming webinar

This discussion will focus on innovative teaching and learning approaches and how the LEAP21 material supports this.

LEAP21 is based on the way ITL Research studies and measures innovative teaching practices. LEAP21 asks teachers and school leaders to analyse and ‘score’ learning activities to see how deeply they integrate 21st century skills, collaborate in designing new learning activities that provide deeper 21st century skills development, examine the impact of these learning activities on students’ work, and use ICT as part of the process.

Teachers who go through this process say it gives them a clear and practical way to integrate 21st century skills in their own teaching. LEAP21 requires that educators be active and engaged knowledge-builders, adopting and using the very skills they are seeking to instill in their students: collaboration, knowledge-building, self-regulation and assessment (or learning to learn) and use of technology for learning. Through the programme, teachers become learners of their own teaching practices by studying the impact of their teaching on students LEAP21 guidelines help teacherss identify and understand the opportunities that learning activities give students to build 21st century skills. 

What to do to join this discussion

Angela Scheaerer, Microsoft’s APM from South Africa, says about the first webinar on 18 July: “We are looking forward to hosting the first LEAP21 webinar on Wednesday 18 July. Here’s how it will work:

1. Download the lesson plans and rubrics so that you have these available during the webinar – it will be an interactive session with activities using these resources.

2. Follow the the directions in the document “How to join a Lync conference call”. We recommend you do this ahead of time as you need to download and install an attendee client the first time you join.

3. Click on the link called Join the online meeting in “related content” above or from the Word document. Try and join a few minutes early in case you have any problems.

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