Nokia Mobile Maths competition for Gr 10-12 starts TODAY (3rd-9th November!) Lumia phones and free data up for grabs!


The Nokia Mobile Maths competition 3rd-9th November starts today the 3rd November, and there are great prizes up for grabs! If your Grade 10 –12 Maths students haven’t yet registered at let them do so today.   This could be a great way to revise for the upcoming exams.


If your students log in to your Nokia Mobile Maths account at and open the section called NEWS they will see mention of the Maths challenge. It is only for one week, from the 3rd – 9th November.


Let’s look at this in a bit more detail

1. Newsflash!! Microsoft and MTN bring you the Maths Challenge this month!

This exciting exciting competition is open to all learners in Grade 10, 11 and 12 during 3-9 November 2014. In the competition, the service randomly generates 10 questions for each individual participant corresponding to their grade from a bank of over 9000 questions on: Algebraic Expressions and Trigonometry for Grade 10, Equations & Inequalities and Trigonometry for Grade 11, and Sequences & Series and Trigonometry for Grade 12. Prizes will be given for getting all questions right, but also for the learners in each grade who have completed most practice questions! So our learners must remember to practice plenty to improve their chances in the competition. Lumia phones and free data up for grabs! Ready, steady, GO!

2. Competition rules

The competition is open for one week: 3-9 November 2014, but only one entry per registered learner is accepted. The competition is grade-specific i.e. grade 10 learners answer grade 10 questions (generated from Algebraic Expressions and Trigonometry), grade 11 learners answer grade 11 questions (generated from Equations & Inequalities and Trigonometry) and grade 12 learners answer grade 12 questions (generated from Sequences & Series and Trigonometry). The prize winners will be announced through the service on 14 November 2014. Winners can only claim their prize when an official notice from their school confirming their grade, along with the winners photo and full name is provided. We also reward the learners who have demonstrated most practice.

In a nutshell – for the learners:

”On your marks to get on board the Maths Challenge.

Get set, with plenty of practice.

Go: Enter the Maths competition 3-9 November!

Practice makes perfect… and possibly a prize-winner!”

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