Nokia MoMaths name changed to Microsoft Maths on 26th November…

Have you noticed? Today the name of the current Nokia Mobile Mathematics for Grade 10-12 Maths students changed due to the acquisition of Nokia Devices & Services business by Microsoft. The new name for the service is Microsoft Math



The upgrade to the website consists of simply a new landing (log-in) page, where you will see the new name, Microsoft Math, as well as a new layout including images and an introductory text about the service. Microsoft Math has also uploaded an Overview presentation and a 1-pager leaflet in PDF format which is downloadable from the landing page.


The URL of the service will also change from to – however please note that this may not happen at the same time with the visual change on the website.

Get access to quality learning content 24/7, on any device!

Microsoft Math makes the learning experience personal, engaging and exciting. Students can do math exercises, read theory, learn from examples, and take tests.

Microsoft Math adds a social dimension to education, making it possible to collaborate and compete with other students.

Teachers can use Microsoft Math to motivate, monitor, and track learning and skill levels, giving more specific and individual feedback to students. It’s a great tool for enriching the learning experience, engaging students even after school hours and outside classrooms.


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