30 Days of webtools #19: Picasa, Photopeach and other photo sharing sites

Nowadays there are so many different and amazing things you can do with your photographs online. You can store them, create gorgous slideshows, among other things. In this post I am going to outline sites for the following:

1) Sites for uploading photos to the Internet for storage

2) A search engine for royalty free photos

3) A talking photo site

4) A site for making large classroom posters

5) Sites for creating lovely slideshows

Take a look at this Slideshare for ideas:


Have fun with your photos using some of these photosharing sites from Fiona Beal

Classroom uses for photos (ideas taken from the Photopeach website)

  • Library: Introduce new upcoming books with the image of the covers by a librarian; promote library actions; create book trailers
  • For second language class / ESL class: Vocabulary with pictures / vocabulary quiz; Storytelling / story creation; Work with grammar content
  • Assistive technology class: Support reading and writing for students with disabilities
  • Technology class: Show students and staff how to use computer applications
  • Kindergarten: Mothers day and Fathers day slideshow to share with the parents; travels of “Billy Shakesbear”
  • Tutorial for students / Introduction of the curriculum content
  • End of year slideshow
  • As an assessment tool
  • “20 things about me”
  • Slideshow about the rights for the children
  • International exchange between schools
  • Teachers’ training
  • For presentations at conference

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