Webinar recording ‘How to create a tour with Google Earth’by Judi Francisco & Keshma Patel

On Thursday afternoon 25th August we held a webinar entitled, ‘How to create a tour with Google Earth’ using SchoolNet’s Adobe Connect platform. Our speakers were Keshma Patel, Grade 6 teacher and Judi Francisco, IT Co-ordinator at Micklefield Primry School in Cape Town.

The webinar description
Google Earth, a free download, is a game changer in the classroom as it brings Geography lessons to a whole new level. Jusi and Keshma said prior to the webinar, “In this webinar, we will show the step by step process on how to successfully create tours using Google Earth. This can be a fantastic tool for teachers or learners to create projects which integrate content and computer skills. Have you have ever thought about re-creating a tour showing the journey of Vasco da Gama, places of interest in a Shakespearean play or creating physical maps for a certain country? Join us, to find out how to use placemarks, snapshot view, custom markers, insert images and information to record a tour.” They presented an amazing lesson that would inspire any primary school teacher or Geography teacher to make Google Earth a definite part of the curriculum. 

The downloadable webinar presentation

Here is the downloadable presentation from the webinar available online in SlideShare:

How to create a tour with Google Earth from Schoolnet SA

Downloadable Google Earth How-to

Judi and Keshma kindly provided a Google Earth How to to help anyone who hasn’t used this application before to get started. 

Google Earth How to: https://goo.gl/XE3IY9 

The webinar recording

The webinar recording can be listened to on the following link on YouTube: https://youtu.be/AWwcz76o7-g

SchoolNet South Africa provides one short, free webinar per month usually on a Thursday afternoon near the end of the month at 3:30pm.

The next webinar on 22nd September

Our September webinar will be presented by Mabore Lekalakala, Mabore is a South African educator currently teaching Grade 6 Mathematics and Natural Sciences & Technology at Toronto Primary School in Limpopo, Province. She is a twenty-one years’ experienced teacher with an in-depth understanding of knowledge and skills needed for teaching and learning and one who continues to seek new ways to develop and enable students with 21st century skills and attributes.

Title of presentation: Beyond PowerPoint with Online Apps.

Description:  In this webinar Mabore will demonstrate how to use PowerPoint to create video based lessons including in the lessons new add-ins and special features such as YouTube videos, Google Forms, Quizzes, Geogebra, and Testmoz to make them interactive. She will also demonstrate how to create PowerPoint games and how to save everything in the cloud where they are accessible on any device.

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