Profile: Anthony Peters (@apeters522) English High School teacher from Parklands College, Cape Town

HeadshotSchoolNet is pleased to present the profile of Anthony Peters, a Grade 8 and 9 High School teacher from Parklands College in Cape Town.  Anthony is a regular guest post writer on the SchoolNet blog. He is well-known in South Africa for his inspiring presentations at Conferences. Apart from that Anthony is an amazing teacher who has mastered the art of making lessons stimulating, very exciting and out of the ordinary using the iPad. Please follow Anthony on Twitter @apeters522

Where do you teach, Anthony, and what is your background?

Hailing from Oxford, England I came to South Africa in 2010. I am currently working as an educator in the English Department of Parklands College in the beautiful Cape Town. Having obtained a Masters Degree in Sociolinguistics and an Honours Degree in English, Linguistics and Psychology, I have a great interest in language and education innovation.

You have written quite a number of wonderful guest posts for us. Do you present at local conferences as well?

I have been invited to present at a number of ‘Tech in education’ conferences including the first South African Google Summit in 2013, ADESSA, Inspired Teachers and Innovated in 2014. These I found particularly rewarding as I adore both Google and Apple applications, as well as the fact that they work so harmoniously together!

What is your special interest in education?

I am particularly interested in collaborative and ‘project-based’ education and was awarded ‘iTeacher 2014’ for the ‘Apple in Education’ initiative, as well as the ‘Curriculum Project of the Year’ in 2012.

Tell us about your interest in working with less privileged schools in South Africa

At the beginning of 2014, I began investigating how technology can be used in South Africa to improve the education and quality of life for those in underprivileged schools and areas. Having liaised with Coza Cares and SchoolNet SA, conferences, collaboration and projects have started to take shape in order to facilitate this change. I was a finalist in the Coza Cares ‘Super Teacher’ award in 2014 and have been awarded Master Teacher status by the Coza Cares affiliate, Nowazi as part of an initiative to screen content created for other teachers to use with learners across the country.

What makes you excited when it comes to technology?

I thoroughly enjoy creating fun, innovative and varied tech-based resources for English literature and language lessons and have developed a complete Grade 9 curriculum consisting of Google and Apple app-based resources which coincide directly with the expectations of the Department of Education. I follow the philosophy that if lessons are enjoyed and not simply endured, learner engagement, creativity and potential is unequivocally limitless!

SchoolNet says, “Thank you Anthony. Please keep writing those wonderful blogposts for us. We appreciate the way you share your expertise so freely.

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