Reading in 1st Grade – some inspirational methods

Submitted by Fiona Beal 

I always enjoy hearing about different ways of making reading meaningful to our young learners. I also enjoy hearing about how different technologies are used in school.  So today was a double bonus day for me! First of all I came across this YouTube video showing how a Finish Grade 1 teacher uses smart phones to teach reading. 

Then, I came across the insights and experiences of a teacher, who is exploring the use and benefits of Ipads for reading in First Grade. This teacher was the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) of the year in 2009, Richard Colosi, a first grade teacher in Canandaigua, is trying to set an example about the benefits of using the newest technology in the classroom. He’s hoping to share his success stories with other teachers from across the country. The quote on his website is probably true of him. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” –Alan Kay

Listen to him reporting on what he is doing.  



This video of Richard in the classroom and how he explains his interest in tablets

Here he demonstrates how his class uses echo reading with the iPad.

Visit Richard Colosi’s YouTube site

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