SA teachers – join in the ENO Climate Change Skype sessions and campaign week events 10-14 Feb!


What are your thoughts on climate change? Truth is we have to wake up to the problems of climate change but not create fear or despair. Each one of us has the power to make a difference. This is where Environment Online (better known as ENO) comes in. The ENO website is very informative ENO says “Be Climate Smart! The ENO Programme calls schools to study about climate change and organize awareness raising campaigns on energy efficiency.

Join the ENO campaign and sign up for Skype sessions

Be Climate Smart! The ENO Programme calls schools to study about climate  change and organise awareness raising campaigns on energy efficiency. They invite you too join their campaign in February.

  • Theme will crystallize on the ENO Campaign Week 10-16 Feb with Frank’s Flashmob 12 Feb 2014, aiming to organize the most international flash mob ever!  Another ENO Flashmob will take place also 19 Mar 2013. 
  • Register your school here
  • During their campaign week 10-14 Feb WNO will organise Skype sessions between schools. Schools have to register to event so we will match schools to interact! Find the Google form here Once your registration has been processed your school’s name will appear on the website on this page You will be notified of the details that will involve in the Campaign week. 

Questions to discuss over Skype

  • What effects has climate change in your country? 
  • Which of them are negative, could some of them be positive? 
  • How do you act climate smart at school and in your daily life? 

Flashmob details for 12th Feb and 19th March
On the website you’ll also find the FlashMob song, poster and other downloads and details about the flashmob – also how to run a flashmob from your school for the event. Your class will love taking part. Read more here 


This is a world-wide event! Here is a video from last year’s event from Uzbekhistan.


Further videos can be seen on the ENO website here
What is climate change

Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years. The climate has and will always vary for natural reasons. However, natural causes can explain only a small part of the warming observed in recent decades. The overwhelming majority of scientists agree that it is due to rising concentrations of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere caused by human activities. The United Nations have created The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), consisting of a group of scientists, in order to evaluate the risks of climate change (caused by human activities). Read more about this on the ENO website here

Summary of what you need to do

  1. Visit the website and take a look around
  2. Find more information and register to campaign latest by Jan 1st 2014 on   the  campaign website
  3. Sign up your class for the Skype sessions
  4. Consider joining the Flashmob event 

Note: TheSchoolNet person who is a coordinator for ENO in SA is Omashani Naidoo (

Do your part – be climate smart! 


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