Sarietjie Musgrave to speak at SchoolNet SA conference on “Anywhere, Anytime Learning”

In addition to the great line up of three international speakers who will be presenting at the SchoolNet SA conference, we are just as excited to be showcasing extraordinary South African teachers, and their projects and experiences of using technology in the classroom.

Sariejtie Musgrave of HigherEdPartnersSA in conjunction with the University of the Free State will be presenting the keynote presentation entitled “Anywhere, anytime learning from the perspective of the learner and the teacher as a lifelong learner” at the SchoolNet SA conference on Friday 6 October. In her previous role as director of the IDEAS Lab, Sarietjie worked closely with various departments of the University of the Free State in the design, development and evaluation of new digital learning initiatives that unlock engaged, personalised and lifelong learning. Having recently moved to Higher Ed Partners SA, Sarietjie will assist in the expansion of their on-line learning capability by making top quality higher education more affordable and accessible.

As a former teacher, facilitator and materials developer, Sariejtie has had a long association with SchoolNet SA. She was one of the original Intel Teach trainers, she was recognized for her innovative uses of technology in the classroom as a Pan-African and Worldwide Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award winner, and she hosted the SchoolNet SA conferences in Grey College and at the University of Free State. We look forward to hearing more about Sarietjie’s experiences of being a lifelong learner and teacher who is passionate about providing high quality, engaging educational experiences.

The Schoolnet ICT in the Classroom conference takes place at Brescia House, Joburg on 5-7 October. Register for the  conference

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