Schedule your emails using Boomerang for Gmail


Do you sometimes just feel like writing a particular email to get it done even though it is only due to be sent in a few days time? I often land up in situations like that and I have discovered a really great Chrome extension that facilitates this. It is called BOOMERANG and it works with Chrome or Firefox.

What is Boomerang for Gmail
This is a gmail inbox management tool that not only allows you to schedule the sending time of your emails but also has a number of other features:

  • With regard to scheduling your outgoing emails Schedule you can preset Boomerang from an hour to a month, and you can choose the time and date.
  • You can also send follow up reminders to yourself. For example you may receive n email which you only want to work with in a few days time. if you set boomeragng fr that articular time the email will appear at the top of your inbox again.
  • Boomerang can also remind you to follow up with people who haven’t responded to your email.


Since starting to write this email, Boomerang has introduced pricing and the basic free version only allows 10 messages per month sadly! However there is a 30 day free trail so I am going to try that in any case!

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