SchoolNet webinar recording (12/09/2013) ‘Let’s create a Learnist Board’ (by Fiona Beal)


On Thursday 12th September we held a SchoolNet webinar presented by Fiona Beal from SchoolNet entitled ‘Have you discovered Learnist boards? Try creating one…’. The webinar took place at 3:30pm. Thank you to all who attended the webinar.


Fiona’s presentation is given below via Slideshare and you can download it if you wish to.

Let’s create a Learnist board from Fiona Beal

Summary of the webinar
Name: Have you discovered Learnist boards? Try creating one…
Summary: With the Internet being so HUGE these days educators have to become master curators of content. A Learnist Board is a really useful way to curate and keep a record of the information that you need. I love using Diigo, Pinterest and Scoopit for curation purposes, but Learnist has its own unique properties that sets it apart as a useful way of collecting the sites you want to keep.

Webinar recordingIf you wish to listen to the presentation the recording link can be found at

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