SchoolNet webinar recording from Thursday 7 November 3:30pm ‘Using Mind Mapping software in all subjects’ (Dr Ron Beyers)


On Thursday afternoon (7 November) at 3.30pm we held a SchoolNet webinar entitled ‘Using Mind Mapping software in all subjects’ presented by Dr Ron Beyers, Managing Director of Young Engineers and Scientists of Africa. Thank you to all who attended the webinar.

Summary of the webinar
This is Dr Beyer’s description “
If your brain is like mine you will understand how some of your learners feel when it comes to making sense of the work. A good educator has the ability to make sense out of subject information and provide a framework for learners to understand the interrelationship of concepts. Take the educator away and the weaker learners are unable to continue by themselves. Learning has to continue outside the walls of the classroom. Mind maps is a teaching and learning tool which provides the user with the opportunity to do a brain dump of all possible ideas without any structure. Once this phase is complete they can then rearrange their ideas to look for interrelationships for themselves and construct their own meaning. This is in stark contrast to having to cram information into their heads and simply recall it based on key stimuli in tests/exams. Change the stimuli and the learners are lost. Sound familiar? What is teaching all about?
This presentation will introduce users to the idea of making use of any type of mind mapping software for virtually any subject from writing essays, to creating summaries of chapters, planning activities, etc. The process is to empower learners to move from information receivers to knowledge generators which our country desperately needs – people who can think for themselves.
‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school’. (Einstein)
1) This presentation will be based on the use of FreeMind and FreePlane Software which is freeware.
2) It is also available as portable software and can be run directly off a memory stick without installing onto the host machine. This means that it can be downloaded for free and your learners can take it home as well.


Dr Beyers’ presentation is given below via SlideShare and you can download it should you wish to.

Mindmapping in all subjects using freeware from Schoolnet SA

Webinar recordingIf you wish to listen to the presentation the recording link can be found at:

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