Submit your media to AYV Awards Program–before 18 April


18th April is the closing date

There are only 4 more days for educators in South Africa to submit youth-produced media to the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards. All media must be submitted online through the Adobe Youth Voices Awards site –

Who can enter

Please help to spread the word to educators in your countries – the competition is open to all.  If the educators are part of your official AYV network program, please be sure they login with the account they created as part of the iEARN AYV network (they would have registered using the grantee code: iearn).  If they are not part of your iEARN/AYV training program, they can still submit work on behalf of their students, but would do so by registering as a new user without the code.

Please note that the submission guidelines can be found at

What to enter

  • For Videos: You may choose ONE method of submitting your project:
  • Raw Files: Files must be MP4 following the Adobe Youth Voices program video encoding requirements (Video Encoding requirements to be attached.)
  • Youtube link – If you do not have a raw file but have uploaded your work to Youtube, you may enter the link as a submission.
  • Vimeo link- If you do not have a raw file but have uploaded your work to Vimeo, you may enter the link as a submission.
  • For Photographs or Still images: Files must be JPEG
  • For Graphic Design: Files must be JPEG
  • A brief (100 word) artistic statement must be submitted. This statement should be about the work, explaining why it was made, who the intended audience is, how it was exhibited, and any other pertinent information.
  • A photograph and biography of the youth media maker(s) must be submitted in order to complete the submission process. (Please Note: Photos and biography will be used on the Adobe Youth Voices Awards website if submission is chosen. If there is more than one youth media maker involved, please submit individual photos.)
  • Videos that are not in English must have English subtitles.
  • All videos must have a total minimum running time of 1 minute and a total maximum running time of 10 minutes, including title and end credits.

Categories for submissions

These include:




-Music Video



-Digital Print

-Photo Essay

-Poster Campaign

NOTE: All materials used in the production of the Adobe Youth Voices Awards projects (music, photos, video, etc) must be original, copyright free, or used with permission of the creator of the work.

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