‘Take education to new heights using Microsoft Sway’ by Kathryn Riva, a Microsoft MIEExpert from SA.

Kathryn Riva, one of the Microsoft MIEExpert teachers from South Africa, who recently attended the Global Forum in Dubai with Microsoft, sent information about a blended learning task she did with her Grade 5 girls that used Microsoft Sway.  Kathryn teaches at Micklefield School in Cape Town. Kathryn Rsays, “I used Microsoft Sway in my SS Geography: Africa blended learning lesson – the class loved Sway and their presentations were outstanding…success!”


During the Grade 5 Blended Learning Week at Micklefield the girls were given the task of exploring countries and cities in our African continent. This task was carried out using researching skills and presenting the findings as a Microsoft Sway presentation. In each section, different instructions had to be followed i.e. finding facts, adding relevant videos, including appropriate pictures and creating a link to an article to back up ones findings.


These are three examples of the final product by Miyo, Emma-Beth and Hannah.




Quotes from three Grade 5s about using Microsoft Sway:

Paballo: “Sway is a fun website where you can do creative presentations for school. I really enjoyed the experience of Sway.”          

Jessie: “I loved making my Sway, it’s like putting all your thoughts on a page and swaying through images of your imagination.”

Zayahn: Sway in three words: fast, efficient and fun!”


 The task

Kathryn kindly shared the task she set the girls.


The rubric for the task


Thank you so much for this lovely post Kathryn.

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