Teachmeets 2012

I have written eleven posts/report backs about TeachMeets on this blog and they can be found under the label of Teachmeets http://schoolnetsa.blogspot.com/search/label/teachmeets

Currently in South Africa the schools/organisations that have held TeachMeets to date are:

Elkanah House (Cape Town)

Somerset House (Somerset West)

Microsoft (Johannesburg)
St Mary’s (Kloof, Durban)

Upcoming TeachMeets in Term3, 2012

Watch this space! In the pipeline – Elkanah House, Somerset House, St Mary’s and East London (new!)  

Upcoming TeachMeets in Term 2, 2012 (now completed)

If you are not sure exactly what a TeachMeet is, please read about about it on our wiki http://teachmeet-southafrica.wikispaces.com/ It’s a marvelous time when teachers teach each other for 3 minutes about a lesson using technology-integration that has worked well.

Here is a list of the upcoming TeachMeets in South Africa in the order that they will take place:

1. Somerset House in Somerset West is holding a TeachMeet on Weds 23rd May at 6pm. Read more and sign up here: https://sites.google.com/site/thattechteacher/teachmeet

2. St Mary’s in Durban is holding the first ever kwaZulu-Natal TeachMeet in Durban on Tuesday 29th May at 6pm. Read more and sign up here: http://teachmeetdurban.wikispaces.com/home

3. This is not really a TeachMeet as such but something similar happening in Durban. It is the very first meeting of edICTs (Education ICT Society) meeting. The focus will be on the “Flipped classroom’ with Neith Moore from DGHS starting the discussion by sharing about her successful flipped classroom project. Please contact charliw@telkomsa.net to find out more.The date is Wednesday 30th May at 3:15pm

4. Elkanah House is having their next ever-popular TeachMeet followed by an iPadmeet on Saturday 2nd June at 11am. Read more and sign up here http://elkteachmeet.pbworks.com

5. Microsoft is holding their second TeachMeet on Monday 4th June in Johannesburg. from 15:00–17:30. Contact v-gladym@microsoft.com to find out more.
The presentation template can be downloaded at: http://www.pil-network.com/Discussion/c10c0a0b-efca-48f1-bde0-767e0a88d8cd

Take a peek!

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