The benefits of downloading and using the free Microsoft Math with your Grade 8-10 Mathematics students


If you are a High School Maths teacher in South Africa, with Grade 10-12 maths students, you don’t want your students to miss out on using the free, online service, Microsoft Math, after hours! The servive is globally available at 

It’s like having your own tutor at home! Students can can download Microsoft Math on their smartphones or tablets, and can even use it on their home laptops or desktops. Microsoft Math makes the learning experience personal, engaging and exciting. Students can do CAPS-related Maths exercises, read theory, learn from examples, and take tests.

Microsoft Math also adds a social dimension to education, making it possible to collaborate and compete with other students. Students can form groups and compare answers.

Teachers like yourself can use Microsoft Math to motivate, monitor, and track learning and skill levels, giving more specific and individual feedback to students.

Microsoft Math is a great tool for enriching the learning experience, engaging students even after school hours and outside classrooms.

Microsoft Math and the Microsoft competition in South Africa

Microsoft is holding a great competition in South Africa currently. See our blogpost entitled ‘Microsoft tools competition “Use IT – Share IT – Like IT” for South African Teachers announced today… why not enter?’.  Microsoft Math is one of the tools you can use to enter this competition.

Step 1: Use a Microsoft tool as part of a lesson

Use one or more of the following new free tools from Microsoft in a lesson. In your case you would select Microsoft Math.

Step 2: Share your lesson on your own Facebook page using the following instructions so that we know about it

Create a post on your own Facebook page. Save it as PUBLIC and add the hashtag to your Facebook post #MSToolsInEdu15 – this will enable us to find your entry. In your post describe how you have used  Microsoft Math to create a great lesson. Tell us what impact the tool has had or how it has enhanced your teaching. Your post should not be longer than 2 sentences and should contain two or three sentences.  Closing date is 29 May 2015.

Register your students for Microsoft Math today.

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