There’s still time to submit a story suitable for a Grade 3 reader for the African Storybook project. Join us!


We have just completed our course on writing and now we are waiting for stories suitable for Grade 3 students around Africa to read to be submitted from teachers around the country who have completed the course. WE hope that many of them will get their classes to write as well all in time for the launch of the African Storybook Project website in July. If you would like to contribute a story, please consider it. Here are the details.

1. The stories must be written in PowerPoint or similar and must contain a Tilte page, an End page and 6  –  16 ‘chunks’ or paragraphs each with an illustration which could be on a separate slide. (If the stories are written in another language they need to have an English translation sent in on a separate Word document.) Here is a guide for writing:


This screenshot of the requirements can be downloaded as a PowerPoint  here for easier reading: 

2. There should be a creative commons license copied and pasted under the author’s name as shown below. You can download the PowerPoint with the six copy-and-paste licenses from from this link: This means the story can be changed I(for translation into the vernacular of a country etc) but always attributed to you and you are the only person who could ever sell your story.


3. Stories must reach us by email 21 June 2013 or before to. fiona (at)

4. The school which submits the most usable stories will qualify to have someone from the school sponsored to attend the Reading and Writing Conference in Kenya in August as a part of the African Storybook Team.

Thank you so much for considering joining us on this great venture!

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