Twitter story #3 – An introduction to 3X3Links


As I was browsing Twitter today I came across a retweet of a post by @PrimaryIdeas. I looked them up on Twitter and my search led me to another site called 3X3 links where they advertise links to their various resources


What is 3X3 links?

3X3Links (  is a useful webtool that allows you to create links, namely 9, to resources. This could be useful as an Internet start page. When you open 3X3Links it describes itself as an Internet start page used mainly by teachers. The opening slide looks like this:


It gives you the option to customize your page which is the option I chose.


After that you start adding the links you would like on there. When you choose a logo it has to be reviewed by their admin which could take up to 24 hours. Three of my blocks’ logos have to be reviewed. But in the meantime here is the grid I created for SchoolNet.


As soon as the logos have been approved I’ll try adding this as a widget at the side of the blog.

Classroom uses for 3X3Links

This is a great tool. I can see that it could be useful in the classroom. The following ideas come from TES resources shared by Dan Roberts from the UK (

1. Get students to create their own 3x3Links for a series of homework tasks, the whole class can then look at each other’s links. This could be as part of a long term project or simply as a way of collecting useful websites for revision lessons.

2. Ask students to work together in groups to build a 3×3 starting page for researching a specific topic.

3. When you’re working with students to develop their study skills encourage them to produce 3x3Link pages for different topics containing relevant websites.

4. You could get other teachers in your own school, or department, to create their own 3x3Link pages containing useful resources or starters that they can then share with other teachers. You could even display these pages on the school intranet or website.

Dan gives a link to the page he created for his students on cloning

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