Ugie Schools Get Started with Intel® Teach

Submitted by Omashani Naidoo
PG Bison, through Infundo Consulting, sponsored training for teachers in the Ugie area in the Eastern Cape. Ugie High was used as a venue and although there was enough computers for all the teachers, not of them worked properly. However stable access to the Internet was a pleasure and this allowed teachers to engage more fully with the course and understand how to perform searches, send and receive emails and that there was nothing to it at all!


Sixteen teachers attended from schools in the surrounding area. Most teachers were clearly afraid and felt that it would be impossible to teach them anything. Despite this weariness teachers were eager to work and gain skills and confidence. The facilitator felt comfortable with this group and challenged teachers to do more learn more.

As the days of training ticked on, the group of teachers became more determined and far exceeded their own expectations. Some even commented that this is what they call ‘over teaching” and they were now ‘over learning’. Teachers were very excited to see the evidence of their progress through the various types of documents that they managed to complete.

The creativity shown in the Action Plans was very encouraging and the teachers were quite pleased with work they produced. Peer reviews ensured that teachers were able to positively show encouragement of other teachers.

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