Use Chirpstory for archiving tweets from Twitter events


Often, after an exciting event one wants to create a chronological story from all the tweets shared on a specially created Twitter hashtag as a memory of the events before the tweets disappear . My usual tweet archiver has not been working well lately so I decided to try created by a team in Japan to curate the tweets from the recent Google Innovation Tour in Cape Town. (I wrote a post about the Google Innovation Tour in Cape Town which can be read here.)

1. Create a Chirpstory account and get started

Go to to register. The easiest way to do this is to use the option to register via your Twitter account. Once you have registered and you log in, this is what you will see:

  • You’ll notice that Chirpstory has picked up your own Twitter timeline on the left, and on the right it asks you for the details of the event you are curating. 
  • This interface is my opinion looks cluttered and maybe messy (in my opinion) but the the end result does the job.
  • You’ll notice the words ‘Create a story’on the top right,and that is where you click to get started. Chirpstory will now open on your interface. 


2. Fill in your event details

Make a start by filling in the event details on the right, and typing in the hashtag you are curating right at the bottom left under ‘Search’.


3. Highlight the tweets you want to include

Start adding the tweets to the centre region. Simply highlight tweets and drag them over.


4. Place the tweets in chronological order 

Once you are done, choose the downward facing arrow on the bottom right to get the tweets into chronological order from the top down.


Here is the completed curated list of tweets for the Google Innovation Tour event –  I must say I could do without most of the right hand column of the completed Chirstory which is part of the Chirpstory design unfortunately.

Tutorial on how to use Chirpstory

I found this tutorial video on YouTube (  to take one through all the steps.

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