Use PowerPoint online to display and even embed your students creative writing…

Submitted by Fiona Beal

One Drive is a free Microsoft application that gives you free access to a range of Microsoft Office products. Have you registered for One Drive? You’ll receive 5GB of free storage.

I discovered recently that it is a great way to display students’ stories (or whaever else) that are written in PowerPoint,  online by uploading them to PowerPoint online in Microsoft. I tried this out with a Grade 2 class.  There is a wonderful Literacy site called Communication for All that has a great array of downloadable PowerPoint templates that Foundation Phase students love using on one of its pages. Take a look at   The PowerPoints provide art with them. Here is an example of one of the templates:

My Grade 2 class chose this Easter template to write on:

How to upload a PowerPoint to One Drive

1. Log in to One Drive:

2. Click on Upload/Files

3. Locate your PowerPoint and upload it to One Drive.

4. Share it so that anyone with the link can view it.

First click on Get a link, then select View only and finally create the link.

5. You may wish to also embed the Powerpoint stories on a class blog or a website click on the three dots and then select embed:

6. Copy the provided code and select the smallest dimension for a blog

I uploaded two of the completed stories to Microsoft One Drive following these instructions and here are the results:

-1- Caleb’s ‘Easter Time’

-11- Caden’s ‘The Egg Hunt’

Microsoft’s One Drive is amazing!  For more lessons on how to use Microsoft in the classroom visit the Microsoft Educator Community  at:  and go to the Lessons page where you can search thousands of lesson plans created by educators for educators to help enhance teaching and learning. 

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