Webinar recording: Even MORE uses of PowerPoint (19/06/2013)


Last week our webinar was entitled ‘Did you know PowerPoint could do all this?’ where we looked at 10 uses of PowerPoint apart from the normal use of making a presentation. This week we look at Part 2 of the series entitled ‘Even MORE amazing uses of PowerPoint’. Do we realise the potential that lies within this Microsoft product? You’ll be astounded to see how many more uses there are for PowerPoint and that it could be one of the most powerful and diverse applications you use.
Name:Even MORE amazing uses of PowerPoint
Summary: This is part two in the series about Microsoft’s PowerPoint showing even more uses than we looked at last week. You will discover that PowerPoint is both powerful and diverse in the ways that it can be used.
Presenter: Fiona Beal from SchoolNet
Recording URL:  http://meet78641452.adobeconnect.com/p49j0dtg4lg/

Here is a SlideShare of the presentation used in the webinar for a quick summary

Even more uses of PowerPoint

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