Webinar recording from 12 June 2013 ‘Did you know that PowerPoint can do all this?’

Yesterday Our SchoolNet webinar was entitled ‘Did you know that PowerPoint can do all this?’  (presenter Fiona Beal)  Our webinar quota was reached and consequently Adobe Connect excluded several people from participating in the webinar. We apologise for this and we are adding the presentation plus the recording to this post. 

The webinar summary

This webinar was the first in a two part series about Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Often one hears the words ‘Death by PowerPoint’ but in fact this programme has a HUGE variety of wonderful uses that you may not know about. There are many exciting ways to conduct presentations – Keynote and Prezi just to name two.  In this first webinar we introduced some of the amazing things that can be done with PowerPoint other than just being used for presentations.  A subtitle for this webinar could be ‘Ten things that you can do using PowerPoint apart from the normal use of making a presentation‘. But these amazing uses won’t be all – next week we’ll continue with more PowerPoint features that you might not know about. Join us!

Webinar recording (20 mins)

Thank you to those who attended or wanted to attend. Here is the link to the recording.


The presentation used for the webinar

Did you know PowerPoint could do all this? from Fiona Beal

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