Why not tune in to our next free August SchoolNet webinar – How to create a tour with Google Earth Thursday 25 Aug 3.30pm

We are pleased to announce our second August webinar will be held this week on 25th August at 3:30pm. We will be using the Adobe Connect webinar platform. Please join us if you can. (If you would like to present a short webinar on a topic of interest to teachers, please let fiona@schoolnet.org.za know!)

How to create a tour with Google Earth

Google Earth, a free download, is a game changer in the classroom as it brings geography lessons to a whole new level. While Google Maps is more convenient when you’re on the go (largely due to the turn-by-turn navigation), Google Earth has a lot of features that make it more powerful for digging in. Earth offers additional 3D content, makes it easier to stack layers of information, allows you to use special controllers such as the SpaceNavigator and the LEAP Motion, has an excellent flight simulator feature, allows you to view historical aerial imagery, and gives you additional tools such as the ruler and elevation profiles. (via the gearthblog.com http://goo.gl/uDu9zw ) Google Earth allows students to take virtual adventures to distant locations around the globe, under the sea and into outer space. In this webinar  two teachers from Micklefield Primary School in Cape Town will take us through the process of creating a tour using Google Earth.


Webinar title: How to create a tour with Google Earth

Summary: In this webinar, we will show the step by step process on how to successfully create tours using Google Earth. This can be a fantastic tool for teachers or learners to create projects which integrate content and computer skills. Have you have ever thought about re-creating a tour showing the journey of Vasco da Gama, places of interest in a Shakespearean play or creating physical maps for a certain country? Join us, to find out how to use placemarks, snapshot view, custom markers, insert images and information to record a tour.

When: Thursday 25th August, 2016 at 3:30pm online

Duration: 15 – 30 minutes

Presenters: Keshma Patel, Grade 6 teacher and Judi Francisco, IT Co-ordinator at Micklefield Primry School in Cape Town.

Host: Fiona Beal (SchoolNet)

To join the meetinghttp://meet78641452.adobeconnect.com/google-earth/


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