Why you should you start using Google+…


What is Google+

This is Google’s social media platform.  When you open a Gmail account you have to create a Google account first, and suddenly you discover that you have so much ore than just a Google account. You’ll see that you have a Google+ part to your account and all you need to do is activate it and fill in your profile. It takes your Gmail account to the next level


What can you so on Google+

  • Create a post that consists of text, images links, and videos. 
  • You can even create an event
  • You can respond to other folks’ posts.
  • You can share your post with one person, a few people, or public. 
  • You can ‘like’ a post and you can share t with others. 
  • It is very searchable. i.e. you can search on a topic.


Why should you  use Google+

  • You can use more than 140 characters
  • You can share ideas, resources, links, thoughts,  vdeos and images….you name it!
  • You can ask questions (and someone will probably answer them)
  • You can join a community of like-minded people and connect with them i different ways.  
  • Google+ is searchable and you can find great resources.

Where do circles fit in?You can create circles that are particular to you and they  help you direct a post to a certain group of people. Your circles are particular to you and not mutual. They are a way of organising your contacts and makes for easier posting.

A super Google+ tutorial This tutorial is by Jamie Linton and it is 7mins long…it is well worth watching

Get started with Google+

1. Activate Google+ byvisiting https://plus.google.com/

2. Create your profile

3. Create circles. Circles are like folders to help you organise your contacts

4. Add people to your circles

5. Share some information and write a post!

6. Comment on other posts.

7. Search for what you are looking for with filters such as hashtags #

8. Enjoy!

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