Wikipdia #3: Take a look at the Wikipedia Resources available on the Wikipedia Education Program website

Have you visited the Wikipedia Education Program website? The idea behind the Wikipedia Education Program is simple: Educators and students around the world contribute to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects for class assignments.

Previous Wikipedia blogposts

This is a very exciting world-wide project and we have written two posts about it to date:   

1) Wikipedia #1 –The Sinenjonga students in South Africa make a plea to cell phone providers…and the result

2) Wikipedia #2: Have you heard how the Wikipedia Zero project is spreading through Africa? Get involved...

Resources on the website

In this post we focus on the resources available on the website. If you go the Wikipedia Education Program website and you look under the Resources category you’ll find useful print media that can be downloaded. The booklets and handouts available for download were developed by the Wikimedia Foundation for course instructors and were created or updated in 2013-14. The file pages include links download the source files and to translations, if available. The localization guide can be used to adapt any of the booklets to your wiki’s local language and specific needs. Additional materials can be found on Wikimedia Commons. To request printed copies, contact WEP staff.

This is what you’ll find under Resources:

Editing bookletsThere are three booklets to download:

  • Editing Wikipedia
  • Illustrating Wikipedia
  • Evaluating Wikipedia


Education booklets

There are four booklets to download:

  • Instructor Basics – How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool
  • Essentials – What to do before the term starts
  • Case Studies – How professors are teaching with Wikipedia
  • The syllabus – A 12 week assignment to write a Wikipedia article


Classroom Handouts

There is a selected set of one-page handouts, covering the specifics of many of the common tasks and problems that come up in typical wiki-based assignments. The handouts can be printed and given out to students. Click to see the file page, which will include links to translations, if available. You can also download the source files.


We recommend that you get started today with this exciting project!

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