Would your public school like to be involved in this Level Up Village – SchoolNet South Africa Global Partnership? Apply before 10 March 2017

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This is a call for motivations from SA Primary schools to participate in this collaborative project with Level Up Village (LUV). They will train a SNSA trainer, who in turn will help the school with face to face workshops and encourage the school and teachers to complete the programme. This will help us prove a concept for further partnerships.

What is the Level Up Village (LUV)?

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What is this partnership all about?

Level Up Village (LUV) and SchoolNet SA will work together to implement three LUV courses in a South African public school. The school will be selected based on three criteria: (Wifi access, technology infrastructure, and enthusiasm for the project).

These courses will link students in South Africa to peers in the United States for a shared STEM learning experience. The goal of this pilot is to:

  1. Identify and address potential obstacles to successful large-scale future implementation.
  2. Evaluate the value of the courses to South African schools, students and teachers.
  3. Create a data set to help build courses and training to increase effectiveness in future implementation.

The pilot will be implemented from March to June of 2017, with training and recruitment beginning as soon as possible, and course implementation beginning in April of 2017. Training will be conducted online by LUV staff and in-person by a SchoolNet staff trainer. Both LUV staff and the SchoolNet trainer will work with the public school teachers and public school staff throughout the training phase and actual course implementation.

Taken from http://www.levelupvillage.com/  

Who will be selected from the applicants?

One Primary School (public school) with:

  • 3-10 participating teachers
  • 90-120 learners in Grades 3-6
  • Supplies for Global Inventors course including 3D printer – if there are problems with supply availability for this class a substitution will be made.

(Note: SchoolNet is still waiting to hear whether the school will receive a 3D printer, whether they need to have/purchase one, or whether the course could be substituted if they don’t have one.


What is the benefit to learners?

Learners will gain:

a. Understanding of the STEM subject of each class.

b. Improved critical thinking skills including specific thinking skills in each class.

c. Increased confidence in their abilities in the STEM subjects.

d. Improved leadership and collaborative skills.

e. Understanding of a different culture and country.

f. Knowledge of developments in a social impact topic for each class

What is the benefit to teachers?

Teachers will receive:

1. Training in best practices pedagogy in ICT implementation

a. Pre-course training

b. Live feedback

c. Consistent online support

2. Access to ready-made high quality curriculum

3. Preferred selection for future LUV/SchoolNet collaborative projects

Taken from http://www.levelupvillage.com/ 

What are LUV courses?

The courses will be implemented over a nine week period. The first two meetings will be focused on introducing students to the virtual collaboration and communication element of the course. After the initial two lessons, the course will follow the standard LUV course structure.

Global Web Designers


In this course students learn how to code websites and work with their global partners to design and publish a social awareness website on the theme of global climate change.

Ages: 10-12





STEM skill learned: Basic to intermediate coding

Thinking skill: Design thinking, reflection

Social Impact Awareness: Clean energy

Global Video Game Designers


Ages: 8-10

In this course, students learn how to build video games and animations using MIT’s Scratch platform. Together with their Global Partner student, they create and share animations, co-design video games games and learn about each other in the process!


Online version: www.scratch.mit.edu

Offline version: https://scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download/


STEM skill learned: Basic coding

Thinking skill: Iterating, debugging, design thinking

Global Inventors


In this course, students collaborate with Global Partner students who often lack reliable access to electricity. Together, they design and build solar-powered flashlights by harnessing the power of 3D printing and renewable energy tech!

Ages: 10-13




Solar kit

3D printer needed


STEM skill learned: 3D Design

Thinking skill: Design thinking, Engineering Design Cycle

Social Impact Awareness: Clean energy

Technical requirements

Hardware options

Windows PC (Win7 or better) with 8GB RAM or better, i5 CPU or better, 720p video camera (internal or external) or better.

Windows Surface 2 or better with 2GB RAM or better

ChromeBook with Chrome 51 or better.

Mac (MAC OS X10.9 – Mavericks or better) with 8GB RAM or better, 720p video camera (Internal or external) or better.

iPad 2 or better with IOS9.x or better.

iPhone 5 or better with IOS9.x or better.

Android Tablet or Phone with OS 5.0 (Lollipop) or better.

Browser options

Preferred Browser for Teacher Portal (www.levelupvillageclassroom.com)

Chrome 51.x or better and must have Flash enabled.

Note: No other browser is tested or supported. The teacher portal can only be run on a PC or MAC – mobile devices are not supported.

Preferred browsers for Student Portal (sp.levelupvillageclassroom.com)

Chrome v51.x or better.

Firefox v47.x or better.

Opera v39.x or better

IE v10 or better.

Microsoft Edge v13 or better

Safari 9.x or better

Note : we test the above browsers – other browsers might work but we cannot guarantee all functionality.

Internet access options

ISP/Internet access

2MBps download and 1MBps upload speeds or better. Connections should be on fibre, cable, DSL, or 4G/LTE wireless. Satellite connections are not recommended.

WIFI access

802.11G or better in the classroom connecting directly to the ISP. Students devices should have direct access to this WIFI hotspot.

How to apply

If your school is interested, please send a short motivation including how you meet the requirements below.

1. Staff desire and openness to the project.

2. Technical requirements (teachers and learners)- Appendix at the end of the doc

3. Commitment for teachers to attend face to face training and actively participate in online/virtual training over a 9 week period

4. Commitment to implement with students at the school and document the learning process

Interested? Apply to omashani@schoolnet.org.za without delay! Visit the LUV website  at:

http://www.levelupvillage.com/ to find out more about LUV.

Taken from http://www.levelupvillage.com/ 
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