Google #2: You’ll definitely love using Google forms

Google Forms is probably one of the most useful and often underutilized Google tools. They can be used for so many different things as I will show you below. They can be embedded into blogs, wikis and websites or can just be stand-a-lones on the web.  Each form creates its own spreadsheet that captures and collects the responses quickly and easily.  

Here are some of the uses I have discovered:

•You can use them for general surveys

•You can get quick input from others on various topics

•Use a Google form for various kinds of evaluation such as creating and posting short quizzes online. 

•Create a survey before and after a lesson/discussion

•Use it to collect data

•The students can fill in answers to questions in a test

•You can get feedback after a lesson

•It makes a great book review form 

Thus, a Google form is a great tool in the hands of an educator.  If you would like to make one, here are two presentations that could help. The first one looks at the seven different kinds of questions you can ask using a Google form. The second one shows you how to go about making a Google form. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

The seven question types to use on a Google form

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Google forms – so easy to use

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