Your Grade 10-12 Maths students can’t afford to be without the free Nokia Mobile Maths service on their smart phones or PCs

The Nokia Mobile Maths service started in 2008 with 300 learners and within a couple of years had grown to 50,000 learners. Nokia then opened the service to informal learning so that students could have 24/7 access to its materials.  This programme has had major impact in interactive Maths learning. 53% of students are active users. The competence level of the users rose by 14%. 82% of the usage happens after school hours.


What are some of the features that make this service so useful to Grade 10-12 students?

1. Its free
No sign-up or service fee. Just register at

2. 24/7/365 access

You can use the service whenever you want (evenings, weekends, holidays…) and via any device with internet access (cell phone, PC, tablet…).

3. Aligned to our current Maths CAPS curriculum

Content follows the latest South African Math curriculum exactly. It is divided up by grade, topic and sub-topics and each sub-topic contains theory, at least 3 worked examples and over a hundred exercises for you to try.

4. 9000+ quizzesExercises are divided into levels of difficulty. When you master a set of quizzes you will move up on a level. There is 10 levels in each sub-topic.

5. Students can form groups after hours and get to the top of the rankings supporting each other.
Set up own study groups with friends and see how they are doing or compete with each other!

If you haven’t already done so please encourage your Grades 10-12 Maths learners to take advantage of this amazing opportunity provided by Nokia Mobile Mathematics.

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