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More about the e-diary

How to find the e-diary

In the introduction to each module there is a link to the e-diary. The e-diary is a word processor file called ediary.doc.   The educators are supposed to:

  • open the e-diary by clicking on the link,
  • make an initial entry as prompted, and then
  • save the e-diary file to their own folder.

At the beginning and end of most activities in most modules the educators are prompted to use their e-diary to make comments about the activity. On these occasions they open the file that they originally saved to their own folders and add further comments to that file.

How mentors/tutors use the e-diary

The educators are entitled to send their e-diaries to the mentor/tutor at any point during the course of the module. This gives the mentor a very valuable insight into how the educators are experiencing the module.

Mentors are entitled to request that the e-diary be sent to them at any point. The educators are expected to make entries in the e-diaries as part of the activities' requirements. Some of the comments in the e-diary are optional. In these cases the educators are encouraged to express their feelings about the module and their own personal progress.

How SchoolNet uses the e-diary

The e-diary forms a valuable part of SchoolNet's project management. It helps mentor coordinators and project evaluators to gather:

  • anecdotal evidence of how the educators are experiencing the module
  • feedback about the success of each module and the training approach
  • feedback about how they feel about the mentor and, in rare case, about their colleagues
  • feedback about any other burning issues that they feel they are unable to share with the whole group

In the accredited modules the e-diaries will form part of the educator's portfolio of work and it will be expected that the e-diary proviceds evidence of the teacher's reflection on practice.



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