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Starting a module - process at a glance

The following process refers to organised, project-related school participation in EDN modules. For accredited modules it is assumed that students are competent computer users and the introductory course is not offered.

The process at a glance

Friday / Saturday / Sunday  - Week 1

Introductory course - one and a half days at the school

Sunday evening
Week 1

Mentor co-ordinators create groups and allocate a mentor to each group. Mentor is informed by e-mail. Educators in the groups are informed by e-mail.

Week 1

Mentor and group send introductory messages. Mentor explains how to start module.

Week 1

Module starts. All groups begin with the "Hello Activity" which is designed to get group members "talking" to each other. The aim is to develop a solid basis for meaningful interaction as early as possible in the cycle.

Week 1

Mentor provides quick individual response to each educator as they send introductions and encourages them to respond to one another's introductions. This is a vital stage of the module, and it is hoped that the mentor will set the tone of friendly interaction. As soon as a mentee has responded to at least 2 group members, he/she may begin with the first activity.

Week 1-6

Each mentor will draw up a suggested schedule of milestones for the activities in their module and send it out to the group. The group then starts moving through their course activities.

The Friday of the 6 th week is the last day on which activities can be submitted, and module evaluation and self-assessment forms should have been completed.

Week 7

Mentors complete their tracking. Mentor co-ordinators verify all activities.

Each mentee receives a report generated by the database showing which activities they have been credited with, and the group's mentor receives a report of the whole group's record. A one-week period of appeal starts, in which mentees and mentors check their reports and query any discrepancies.

Week 8

At the end of the week of appeal, final (amended) reports are sent out and the groups are closed.

  • The training process starts with a one and a half-day face-to-face course.
  • SchoolNet has trained trainers in each province to conduct these courses.
  • The training materials for this course are on the CD. They have the same look and feel as the modules. 
  • Educators register with the Educators' Network on or before the introductory training day.
  • During the introductory training the educators are introduced to the modules and given some advice in choosing a suitable module. The educator then selects a module online and received an e-mail confirmation of this selection.
  • After the introductory training the mentor co-ordinators create groups of up to 15 educators and allocate a mentor to each group.
  • SchoolNet has trained experienced educators to act as online mentors.
  • The group is assigned an identity (a group number) and a mailing list address (e.g. This group address is recorded in the database. The database re-directs mail from the individual to the group and mentor
  • Each educator in a group receives an automatically generated e-mail message with information about who is in the group and who the mentor is. The educators are invited to introduce themselves to the group. The mentor receives an e-mail message with the same information.
  • The "Hello Activity" starts and the module is underway.



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