Digital Support Specialists Visit the Largest Assemblers and Distributors of ICT Products in South Africa

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Telkom Connected Project support specialists have been working diligently in keeping the schools running effectively as they monitor and assist with technical issues, and internet connectivity as well as keeping the schools’ computer labs, teachers’ laptops, and students’ tablets up to date and working. However, this comes with its own set of challenges, hence the need for Telkom, SchoolNet SA, Feature IT, and Mustek to come on board and offer the Digital Support Specialists a technical support workshop on challenges that they run into when working with smartboards, computer labs, and N-computing hardware and software.

The Digital Specialists day started at Feature IT offices, where they had hands-on technical training focusing on Smart Boards (65inch TV-Studio-in-a-Box), touch screen sensor problems, Ncomputing related issues, non-responsive servers linked to monitors, and network setup. 

The second part of the day focused on Mustek offices in Midrand for a production line tour. Here, the specialists were exposed to Mustek’s production systems that assemble massive shipments of office desktop PCs, and high-end gaming rigs. Mustek is one of the largest assemblers and distributors of ICT products in South Africa and uses local businesses to maintain their systems.

We also learned that Mustek also offers extensive training to South Africans who want to upskill themselves through Mecer Inter-Ed (MIE). They offer skills development, qualification programmes, and international accredited certificates. Mustek prides itself in training and hiring South Africans and placing them with a mentor on the assembly line, where they are taught the skills required to build a range of systems.

Here is what some of the Digital Support Specialists had to say about the day;

‘’When I came to the training, I had a lot of questions to which I now believe I have all the answers. I received solutions to all the challenges I experienced at my school, especially with smartboards and learner tablets’’ -Ambesiwe

‘’I learned more about the smartboard as we always experience sensor challenges, and now I have the solutions that I will test out.’’ Conny

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