How to make a card or poster using PowerPoint

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It is #sendacardtoafriendday on Friday and in preparation, we will look at a quick way to create a picture card or a poster, using PowerPoint, to share with our friends on social media.  As a demonstration, we will be creating a square card (see the picture above) to post to Instagram this coming Friday, but you can do any size you like (for instance, if you want to create a poster). You don’t have to stick to the normal landscape slide sizes! 

So here are the quick steps: 

  1. Open PowerPoint on your computer

  2. Click on Design → Slide Size → Custom Slide size
  3. Choose your slide size. I have chosen a square slide size 30x30cm. Click on OK

  4. Maximise the size of your slide

  5. You may choose a PowerPoint template background

  6. Or you can insert a picture from your picture folder (Insert→ Picture) or search for an online picture if you have Internet. Drag the handles to fit the slide if needed.
  7. Add your text (Insert→ Textbox) and drag a box to type in (pick a good font and enlarge), move it to where you want it. You can also give the textbox a background colour and make it transparent: 
    • Click on the textbox – it must show handles → Right-click and choose Format Shape
    • Choose the colour that you want for your text box and change the transparency.

  8. When your picture slide is ready- Save it as a picture card!!:
    • File→ Save As → Name your picture
    • Don’t save as PowerPoint slideshow but choose *.jpg from the dropdown arrow on the right
    • If you have made more than 1 picture slide and want to just print the one you are busy on, choose Just this one Export

  9. The slide picture will now be in your chosen folder ready to send your card to Instagram!
  10. The card is ready to post to Instagram or anywhere!!

For a printable PDF version of this step by step instructions, click here

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