Shaping Classroom Practices: Unlocking the Future of Education at the SchoolNet Digital Learning Conference

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In the ever-evolving world of education, the SchoolNet Digital Learning Conference is a game-changer that enables educators, schools and educational organisations to redefine classroom practices.

SchoolNet South Africa celebrates its 27th anniversary in 2024 and continues to organise bi-annual conferences in various provinces across the country. The main objective of these conferences is to improve teacher practices and encourage collaboration. 

This year’s conference, which is themed Digital Education for the Future, will be held in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal from March 25 to March 27. The conference acknowledges the crucial need for education in the 21st century to embrace the opportunities and challenges presented by digital technologies. 

The conference is organised in collaboration with the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Education Department, the Anton Lembede Mathematics, Sciences, and Technology Academy, the Department of Basic Education, Telkom Foundation, and other industry partners. The collective effort of all these organisations emphasises their dedication in embracing digital innovation to reshape the future of education.

Teachers take centre stage

The conference aims to provide educators with practical experiences to integrate digital tools into their classrooms. It recognises the importance of shifting towards a learner-centred, playful, and engaging education for all.

Attending the SchoolNet conference offers teachers opportunities to network and meet peers from across the country, making them an integral part of a professional learning community. Educators can compare notes about their experiences in the classroom and appreciate the value of collaboration in their work.  

Furthermore, the SchoolNet conference serves as a crucial platform that aligns with broader educational goals and initiatives in South Africa and contributes significantly to the national discourse on the future of education. What’s more, the conference is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 on the provision of quality education for all by 2030, as well as the National Development Plan’s Chapter 9 on Improving Education, Training, and Innovation.

The consistent repeat attendance at our conferences is a testament to the immense value and impact they bring to all educators who participate. It underscores the importance of these gatherings as transformative experiences that empower educators, foster collaboration, and inspire innovation in the classroom. As we look forward to the upcoming Digital Learning Conference, we are excited to continue this tradition of excellence and enriching the educational landscape for all participants.

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