Teacher reflection on our C Delta course

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SchoolNet is currently conducting C-Delta training at various schools across South Africa. We asked Busisiwe Mazibuko, the Business Studies and Economics teacher at Phendukani High school, to reflect on her C-Delta training. 




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The purpose of the C-Delta workshop aim was for participants to be trained as digital education leaders. To this end, I can say I have learnt what it means to be a digital education leader. I had a chance to ‘Google’ myself. On the whole, my digital footprint online is positive. I think my shadow reflects a digital leader.

With regard to Belshaw’s 8 elements of digital literacy – cultural, cognitive, constructive, communicative, confident, creative, critical and civic, I still have a lot do in this area. I feel I have gained tremendous knowledge on how to engage online. Initially, I did not know that whatever I do online leaves a footprint, even when I delete the posts. I have been signing up on social platforms without reading the Terms of Service. After this workshop, I intend to check the terms and conditions of the networks where I am signed up so that I participate responsibly henceforth. 

The knowledge I have gained is going to help me develop into a responsible ‘digital citizen’. 

Where do I want to go from here? First, I want to work on my online presence – digital identity. I want to ‘Google’ myself further to make sure that my presence online is positive on the different social and professional networks to which I am signed. Second, I want to identify the networks that can grow my personal and professional life and sign up on them. Third, I want to encourage my colleagues and students to enrol for the C-DELTA training with @SchoolNetSa

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