One Step Further Course

One Step Further Course

One Step Further Course

This course is designed in Microsoft* One Note, which gives participants the opportunity to experience the power of this resource while participating in this course. Microsoft* One Note is included in the SA Schools Agreement Software.

This ICT integration course follows the ICT Skills for Teachers course. It aims to develop the information skills and take teachers one step further in their developing ICT literacy. The course focuses on working with information and what to do with it in simple, yet pedagogically sound ways.

The materials include separate workshops for mathematics and science teachers. The course outcomes are to:

  • Grow teachers’ confidence with ICT
  • Develop basic information literacy skills using Microsoft* Encarta
  • Develop learning objects using a range of resources
  • Evaluate Microsoft* One Note as an educational tool
  • Evaluate Microsoft* Encarta as an information source
  • Introduce mathematics and science teachers to simple resources

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