Telkom SuperCentres Project Pg 3

Telkom SuperCentres Project Pg 3

Telkom SuperCentres Project Pg 3

1. Progress on the implementation of the proposal plan

1.1 School Selection Process

Schools have been selected with departmental approval in the following provinces:

Province No. of Contracts Submitted
Gauteng (10) 10
North West (10)


Kwa Zulu Natal (10) 10
Western Cape (10) 0
Northern Cape (20) 18
Mpumalanga (10) 10
Northern Province (10) 0

1.1.1 Eastern Cape

We had received 15 proposals and school visits for final selection took place during the week of the 30th of July.

1.1.2 Free State

We have received 21 proposals and school visits for final selection is scheduled for the week of 20 August.

1.2 Educator Development

1.2.1 Training of the Trainers

Trainers have been trained in all provinces except for Northern Province. Since the addition of reserve schools in some provinces we have found that we needed additional trainers in these provinces and have been able to invite them to the most recent train the trainer session in Gauteng. Reports on all sessions plus photographs of trainers are available. Applications from trainers in the Northern Province have now been received and we hope to proceed with organising that session before the end of the year.

1.2.2 Mentor Course

141 mentors have successfully completed the mentor training so far. There are currently another 30 mentors who are about to qualify who have made it through the third course and we are planning a fourth and hopefully final mentor course in August.

1.2.3 Materials Writing Process

All 7 modules have been fully developed on a CD (2 copies of CD is enclosed). New inclusions were also carried out which mostly dealt with the completion of online forms that needed to be compatible with the way our new database had been developed. The database is sophisticated and is going to perform many functions that would normally have had to be done manually.

Province No of Trainees Training Date
Gauteng 20 2/3 July
Northwest 20
5/6 July
Mpumalanga 20 23/24 August
KwaZulu-Natal 20 16/17 July
Northern Cape 40 3/4 September
Limpopo 20 1/2 October
Western Cape 20 4/5 October
Eastern Cape 20 5/6 November
FreeState 20 10/11 Nov
Total 200

1.2.5 Face to Face Introductory Training

The first sessions in the first cycle of NW, KwaZulu-Natal and GP started on July 28th and finished on August 5th. Technical support teachers and trainers have had some additional preparation of how to register teachers to the database. The registrations will then trigger the distance module courses. These last for approximately 5 weeks and then the next cycle of introductory training and mentored modules will start again at the beginning of September for NC, MP and WC.

1.3 Infrastructure Roll-out

Equipment roll-out plan:

Province Number of labs Month
Northwest 10 June
Gauteng 10 June
KwaZulu-Natal 10 July
Mpumalanga 10 July
Northern Cape 20 August
Limpopo 10 September
Western Cape 10 September
Eastern Cape 10 October
Free State 10 October
  • Equipment has been rolled out in all the schools in Gauteng and the North West Province, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwa Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga.and installations are currently happening
  • The following are the general types of problems which have been reported by schools and our trainers:

o All workstations in the lab had the same identification;
o Server not connected to the hub;
o Hub not mounted on the cabinet;
o Second hard drive not installed – lying on top of cabinet;
o Backup drive not installed;
o None of the workstations could see the servers’ CD drive;
o Compulok screws not fitted on the PC’s

  • We have listed the above in order to ensure that these problems can be taken care of before we roll-out to other provinces.

1.4 Quarterly Publication

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