Distance Learning Resources

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to increase daily in South Africa, and organisations, businesses, and corporates working remotely, we have gathered all the shared list of resources into one easily accessible blog with those relevant to the South African Curriculum at the top of the list, these resources can be implemented quickly and without any IT specialty. The resources focus on remote communication, content learning platforms, management systems, and reading platforms. Here is a curated li...

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KZN Subject Advisors get to grips with Using Digital Resources

Subject Advisors are tasked with helping teachers to deliver their content effectively, however many subject advisors last taught before digital resources were widely available at schools, or they support teachers at schools that are new to making use of online resources. In April and May 2018, The  KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education contracted SchoolNet SA to provide professional development to FET subject advisors so that they would be better equipped to support teachers to use digital resource...

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Professional development for KwaNdengezi Teachers in Using Digital Resources

The Pinetown Rotary Club has invested in providing schools in the KwaNdgenezi area of KwaZulu-Natal with harddrives containing educational resources, but they also wanted to offer teachers from their focus schools professional development and support to ensure that the resources are used to their full potential. SchoolNet SA was engaged to provide a comprehensive professional development programme for teachers to build their skills, knowledge and confidence in using digital resources in their lessons. In...

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Do you know about Mahala.ms? Free Office with 1TB space for your learners in South Africa – from Microsoft and 2Enable

In a webinar this week presented by MIEExpert and Microsoft Ambassador, Ronelle Klinck, (http://bit.ly/2rfhSd5) we heard about the partnership offer from Microsoft amd 2Enable in SA and their unbelievable free gift to all South African learners. They have called this offer Mahala. What is Mahala? Microsoft South Africa and 2Enable are partnering up to offer all South African school learners (ages 8 – 25 years) free access to Microsoft Office across all your devices as well as 1TB of OneDrive. It ...

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