Digital Support Specialists Visit the Largest Assemblers and Distributors of ICT Products in South Africa

Telkom Connected Project support specialists have been working diligently in keeping the schools running effectively as they monitor and assist with technical issues, and internet connectivity as well as keeping the schools’ computer labs, teachers’ laptops, and students’ tablets up to date and working. However, this comes with its own set of challenges, hence the need for Telkom, SchoolNet SA, Feature IT, and Mustek to come on board and offer the Digital Support Specialists a technical...

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#FollowFriday Staff Feature: Brenda Mohale

Our #followfriday #fridayfeature #meetourstaff staff champion today is our fabulous Queen Bee, Brenda Mohale. Brenda is our Support specialist coordinator, she makes sure that all our learners and teachers’ development are conducted well by our team of school support specialists. She encourages and monitors that teachers and learners are practicing ICT in the classrooms and developing digital skills on a daily basis. Brenda is an education enthusiast, she sparks curiosity in learners and jump-star...

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