Free Google Computational Thinking for Educators online course from now till December

What is it? A free online course helping educators integrate computational thinking into their curriculum Who is it for? Humanities, Math, Science, and Computing educators When does it take place? Now through December 20th Where do I register? About the Course The goal of this course is to help educators learn about computational thinking (CT), how it differs from computer science, and how it can be integrated into a variety of ...

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Google’s Computational Thinking MOOC for teachers and CS First Club for children

This is a message from Google South Africa: “As teachers we are continually looking for areas to grow in, Google has created a Computational Thinking MOOC which is free for teachers, we would love you to sign up and do the course! The course should between 10 and 30 hours to complete and is open until the end of September. Here is more information about it: Computational Thinking to grow as a teacher Get started now with Computational Thinking for Educators, an online course where you will learn ...

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Computational Thinking for Educators – free Open Online Google course starting on 15th July

  Information about this free Open Online Google course was posted in our GEG South Africa community so we’re reposting it here. Google, in collaboration with representatives from leading educational and scientific platforms, is offering a free online open course on computational thinking. Computational thinking is not restricted solely to computer applications but applies to any other discipline or content area that requires thinking and problem solving. In this sense, computational thinking ...

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