Make a Snakes and Ladders educational board game using Microsoft Word

Submitted by Fiona Beal Most learners like to play dice board games of one kind or another. Board games satisfy a learner’s competitive edge, and they also help learners to master skills such as: ·         Communicating verbally ·         Sharing, waiting and taking turns ·         Learning to focus and think ahead ·         Coping w...

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Use Microsoft Word in a fun way with younger students

Submitted by Fiona Beal Often, after a holiday break, teachers want to get their students writing about their holiday. A really fun way to do this is to get them to write their report back in Microsoft Word using a selected template. I discovered a great template for this in the fabulous Oakdome site.The template is in the form of a cell phone! I tried this out on a Grade 4 class and they loved the experience! The writing task “Describe, in around 200 words or less, one or two events from your su...

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