SchoolNet webinar recording from Thursday 7 November 3:30pm ‘Using Mind Mapping software in all subjects’ (Dr Ron Beyers)

On Thursday afternoon (7 November) at 3.30pm we held a SchoolNet webinar entitled ‘Using Mind Mapping software in all subjects’ presented by Dr Ron Beyers, Managing Director of Young Engineers and Scientists of Africa. Thank you to all who attended the webinar. Summary of the webinar This is Dr Beyer’s description “If your brain is like mine you will understand how some of your learners feel when it comes to making sense of the work. A good educator has the ability to make sense out of ...

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30 Days of webtools #18: Use Spiderscribe to create a more advanced mindmap

I also like to use Spiderscribe to mindmap as you can do so much more with it than with With Spiderscribe you can easily make a very engaging attractive mindmap: *you can add a text note, and even include active weblinks *you can add photos, *you can attach Word documents or PDFs *you can attach maps *you can attach calendar events. Below you can see more clearly the five elements you can add. Spiderscribe can  be accessed at   Be...

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