Create a selfie poem on your first day back at school using PowerPoint, a selfie stick and a camera!

Submitted by Fiona Beal There’s no doubt about it – kids love selfies! It seems that we live in a selfie culture! Most kids use selfies as a way of communicating with their friends and celebrating a moment. In the report Teens, technology and friendships the writers point out that social media and selfies are a natural draw for tweens and teens in our photo-orientated culture. Last term, I explored the idea the idea of letting one of the classes I teach create selfie ...

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Let your students add audio and sound to their e-book projects and upload them to the Office Mix website

Submitted by Fiona Beal Last term I set my Grade 7 ICT class a task of creating a Natural Sciences e-book project on Diseases, in line with their class curriculum,  using PowerPoint. Read ‘Create an e-book project for your class using PowerPoint’. The class presented their projects as online e-books by uploading their PowerPoints to OneDrive so as to give them an online address.  In today’s post we take the process one step further by adding video and sound to the e-books using the ama...

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How to use Office Mix in Foundation Phase for Literacy lessons – as inspired by Chamelle de Silva from Christel House

Submitted by Fiona Beal This post was inspired by a visit to one of Chamelle de Silva’s Grade R-4 learning support classes at Christel House in Cape Town. Chamelle does very exciting and interactive Literacy lessons with her learners in which they often use different types of technology. Chamelle finds that her younger learners particularly like working with PowerPoint 2013 in Literacy lessons. Learner creativity is exposed when they use the design and animation functions in PowerPoint. The learners al...

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Create an e-book project for your class using PowerPoint

Submitted by Fiona Beal Did you know that PowerPoint can be used in a multitude of ways apart from it’s original purpose of making slideshows. It is a great tool for creating e-books. This is part 1 of ‘Presenting class projects as e-books’. This term I set my Grade 7 ICT class a task of creating a Natural Sciences project in line with their class curriculum and presenting it as an online e-book using PowerPoint. In the next post, in Part 2, we will look at adding video and sound to th...

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Free Microsoft webinar ‘Getting Started with Office 365’ by Megan Rademeyer and Michael Mullany on Weds 7th December 3:30pm

We are pleased to announce that Megan Rademeyer and Michael Mullany will be presenting a free Microsoft Virtual Academy webinar from the Microsoft Office in Johannesburg on ‘Getting started with Office 365’. The rise of mobile technology and cloud computing has transformed the way we work, making collaboration not only easier, but also essential for the success of every organization. Office 365 meets this challenge head-on and allows seamless collaboration in real time. Details Topic:...

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Get your Foundation Phase learners participating in the #HourofCode during December – they will love it!

Submitted by Fiona Beal Have you seen these tweets such as ‘Participate in the #HourofCode’ or  ‘Visit’ floating around every day on Twitter? I decided to pay a visit to see what it was all about – and what a pleasant surprise I got! In fact, I was AMAZED to see what an incredible website this is. It caters for every age group of learners from Pre-Reader to Grade 9+. The website urged us to ‘Try a one-hour tutorial designed for all ages in over 45 langu...

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