An innovative approach to assessment – Romeo & Juliet QR Code Treasure Hunt at Parklands College (by Anthony Peters)

This is a guest post from Anthony Peters (@apeters522) who is an innovative English teacher from Parklands College in Cape Town. SchoolNet noticed his tweets about their English Department’s proposed Shakespeare QR code Scavenger Hunt Assessment activity with Grade 9 and asked  if he would be willing to share this with us as a guest post after the event. We’re thrilled at the result. Thank you Anthony! The QR Scavenger Hunt Assessment idea The awesome English Department at Parkland...

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QR codes #4: Create QR codes using a Google Drive spreadsheet!

Who would have thought you could generate QR codes using Google Spreadsheets? It is the FAST way to generate a number of codes quickly. How to generate a code using Google Spreadsheets 1. Log into Google and open your Google Drive. 2. Click on the Create button to the left hand side and select Spreadsheet. 3. Label column ‘A’ Information. This is where you will put the infomation you want the QR code to have, for example your text, video link, URL etc. 4. Label column ‘B’ QR Code. (Eventuall...

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QR Codes #3: QR Codes in the classroom – gleanings from others

There are just so many ways that you can use QR codes in the classroom. Here are at least 20 great ideas from teachers around the world. Before you start make sure that your students have access to the Internet. If they have a smartphone or tablet such as Android or iPad, they should have a QR code reader as well as a QR code generator downloaded. If they are using PCs or Macs they need to have downloaded a suitable tool such as QuickMark. My previous two blogposts can aid with these: 1. QR Codes #1: ...

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QR codes #2: How to create or generate a QR code on any device

The last post on QR codes demonstrated how feasible it is to read QR codes that others, such as the teacher, have created. Several apps for reading QR codes were suggested:QR Codes #1: How to read a QR code using different devices Today we look at the next, eqquallyimportant step – how to make the QR codes. This is a great skill to teach to your learners (if they don’t already know how to do it!), and it is exceptionally useful skill in the classroom. Creating QR codes on cell phones Once ag...

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QR Codes #1: How to read a QR code using different devices

QR codes are gaining momentum in today’s technology. Many teachers and classrooms are using the very successfully. This post aims to show how QR codes can be used on an Android and iPad device, a smartphone and also on a PC in the classroom. What is a QR code Recently I listened to a webinar presented by Steven Anderson on QR codes and I liked the way he introduced them. Here is a screenshot from the webinar. A QR code is a ‘quick response’ move away from the keyboard to easily access in...

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